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Two Storey Treehouse nr Bedford

This customer asked me to build something special for their two grandchildren to enjoy for several years to come. I designed a two storey treehouse with a building for younger ones and an upstairs for the bigger children. Both buildings are ply lined and have double glazed K rating glass panels. Upstairs has a rope ladder, trapdoor on a pulley and a separate rope swing below. Downstairs has a table and benches for play and also the interior walls double up as chalkboards for the children to do as they wish. In addition I have added a family set of furniture on the main ground floor deck as well as stable doors for ease of use by the children. The name plaques are a gift from me to the family to add that personal touch. There are safety gates at the bottom of the stairs as well as a safety balcony around the top deck to prevent anyone climbing over the side.

The total time has been 4 1/2 weeks in the making.

Children's Playhouse in Northampton

A lovely children's playhouse comprising of a 4' slide on the front aspect and a monkey bar and ladder to the side with two swings attached. Inside the building is two levels with a wooden platform allowing the kids to go from the monkey bars round to the slide and back with another set of ladders inside as well. The base is hardcore under the building and children's grade play bark under the slide and monkey bar/slide area.

Total time 3 1/2 days.

Close Board Fencing in Giffard Park, MK

Here a customer asked me to put up a quick fence for them between so their neighbours dog could play safely in their garden. They had a small budget and I was able to advise them on which bits they could save money on themselves prior to me putting up their new fence. In this way we were able to find a compromise so they could have the fence they wanted within their budget. All our fencing is done with posts concreted into the ground for added security and to ensure the posts are level and not twisted.

Total time 1 day